Art, art, object is a project which brings art and the everyday together through the recontextualization of performance. 

The pandemic completely changed our “everyday” as the only spaces people could occupy, excluding their own domestic environments, were outdoor public places and online platforms. This calls for a re-evaluation on how the public accesses art, especially live performance. Performative actions which normally rely on a live audience had to adapt to the restrictions caused by covid-19. Art, art, object makes performances accessible within the two spaces people could inhabit during the difficult lockdowns: city streets and online navigation. Art, art, object wants to highlight the new “everyday” which the pandemic created as a hybrid between both physical and digital dimensions

Konstantinos Irakleous, Martha Scott and Yihang Yuan break the boundaries between the everyday and art by digitalizing an interaction with objects belonging to our physical day-to-day lives. Through this process the artists allow these items to enter our online routine conducted on the very devices used to view their art. This bridge between the physical and digital makes performance shift between the two dimensions emphasizing our new everyday. 

In a time where art institutions were forced to close art had to find a new way to reach the public outside its rooms. By viewing the documentation of performances on their personal phone screens, the audience can momentarily own and interpret the work intimately, while being part of a collective experience accessible to anyone inhabiting the same city spaces.