Mondi Musicali. 2022. Graphic design.

Selected as the artist to design the official Umbria Jazz Manifesto for the 2022 Umbria Jazz Weekend in Terni, Italy.

Mondi Musicali (Musical Worlds) is a design showing what can look like five planets which are drawn to one another. This is a representation of the history of Jazz music, composed of many musical genres or “worlds” which have influenced and developed one another, uniting people all over the world. Acknowledging and respecting the emerging of Jazz from the tragic historical period in America from the late 1890s, one admires its role, to this day, of being one of the most influential and admired musical experiences.

Photo with artistic director Carlo Pagnotta at the press conference of Umbria Jazz Weekend 2022.
Umbria Jazz Manifesto seen around Terni, Italy.