For the 2023 Festival Dei Due Mondi in Spoleto I presented my series of works Mementos. This was an incredibile opportunity to show my works during an iconic art festival which brings fine art, theatre, dance and music together.

Showing a series of paintings which were inspired by the Umbrian Landscape (my grandparents house in the countryside) in the Chiostro del Convitto INPS di Spoleto was the perfect context for these works.

Tra Pianeti e Paesaggi (Between Planets and Landscapes) is an exhibition that deals with the contamination between the real and the surreal, truth and fantasy, the familiar and the unrecognisable. By presenting works from two different series, we can recognise her predisposition for observing both details of her daily life and the most distant celestial bodies.

The four canvases belong to the series: “Mementos” show the artist’s study of the Umbrian landscape, with a more intimate approach. The landscape is interpreted as a domestic landscape, in fact the dynamic lines and chromatic contrasts of these works show small corners of the artist’s childhood home in Umbria. This place evokes a sense of spirituality and intimacy that the artist seeks by painting details of the spaces in which she feels at home, isolated from the rest of the world. A roof, a bell tower, a vase of flowers and spiral staircases become symbols of protection and welcome, and of structures that always turn upwards, towards the sky.

The sky is also explored in a completely different way. The three prints presented in the exhibition are part of a series called “Digital Cosmologies”, where the artist explores our relationship with the Universe. The creation of a digital version of a sun and a moon aims to study the contamination between nature and technology. Our use of technology to capture, understand and change nature detaches us from it. A question that the artist often asks himself is whether we are facing a future in which observing the sky with the naked eye, as the great Greek philosophers did, will become irrelevant or banal?

Fiori. 2022. Water-based enamel on canvas. 80 x 80 cm.
Scale. 2022. Water-based enamel on canvas. 80 x 80 cm.